Bush Magik

please be aware that not all plants are available and the index should only be used as a source of information only

The Ozbreed brand consists of an innovative range of plants, bred for superior aesthetics and functionality. Ozbreed plants are revolutionising gardens and the landscape industry by providing a full range of drought tolerant, low maintenance plants that can be used in many climates and designs. Pots Sizes: 14cm, 18cm Available: Year round

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  • Acacia aculeatissima
    < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia aculeatissima
  • Acacia cognata     Common / Product Name: Emeraldcurl PBR
    < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia Cognata ‘Emerald Curl’
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia Cognata ‘Lime Magik’
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia cognata dwarf ‘Mini Cog’ PBR
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia lasiocarpa prostrate ‘Glow Wattle’
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia pravissima nana
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Austrodanthonia syn.(Danthonia) caespitosa blue form ‘Wallaby Blue’
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Boronia heterophylla ‘Ice Shadows’
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Boronia Heterophylla ‘Pink Shadow’
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Callistemon pearsonii ‘Rocky Rambler’
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Casuarina glauca Prostrate ‘Shagpile’
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Chrysocephalum apiculatum ‘Mount William’