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The Ozbreed brand consists of an innovative range of plants, bred for superior aesthetics and functionality. Ozbreed plants are revolutionising gardens and the landscape industry by providing a full range of drought tolerant, low maintenance plants that can be used in many climates and designs. Pots Sizes: 14cm, 18cm Available: Year round

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  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia baileyana var. purpurea
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia boormanii
  • Acacia cognata
    < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia cognata
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia covenyi ‘Blue Bush’
  • Acacia dealbata
    < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia dealbata
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia implexa
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia iteaphylla
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia mearnsii
  • Acacia melanoxylon
    < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia melanoxylon
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia mucronata
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia pendula
  • < class="jet-woo-builder-archive-product-title" >Acacia pycnantha